AGM 2012

As we all sat down to the AGM meeting this year, there was an air of positivity I would say. Some members that had been working on other projects were present and so all in all it was a great combination of community decisions and catching up.

Firstly, we heard Carol Pemble’s closing speech, she served a busy year for Three Towns as Chairman of the committee; what with several performances and day appearances, there really have been a promising few fundraising events for the company. It is refreshing to know that although money is tight amongst us all at the moment, with changing times and bills to pay, we can all be unanimous in our opinions about the fact that Three Towns is a great way to share our social hobbies, which we all love so much. Being part of such a hard working, supportive group is so rewarding. This was shown in usual form with the AGM votes and discussion regarding the various raised points.

After a brilliantly diverse number of nominations for both the Frank Shaw and the Shirley Awards, everyone was delighted that the Shirley award was shared between Tony Harrold and Gwinny Loft and the Frank Shaw (now the ‘Shaw Award’) went to Louise Parrott. All highly deserved for such great performances and great commitment to the company.

The New Committee were elected as Chairman – Sam Rockett, Vice Chairman – Gwinny Loft, Secretary – Diane Martin, Treasurer – Jill Gosden and Committee Members; Louise Parrott, John Bishop, Jack Marshall, Victoria Pemble, Katy Leman and Becci Farley.

Heres to another successful and busy year with Three Towns Theatre Company.