Become a friend and enjoy freebies?

Three Towns Theatre Company Become a friend and enjoy freebies?

Are you interested in musicals, plays and concerts but not sure you’re available to attend our rehearsals.  We know how difficult it is to attend 2 rehearsals a week and on a Sunday when we get closer to show week.  We also appreciate that you may love performance but may not be so keen to take part in it.

That’s okay as we have a wonderful option for you to become a friend of Three Towns. This means that you can still meet our members and get to know them, take part in promotions and in return you’ll get to watch our shows for free.

All we ask in return is that you pay £35 per year for our ‘Friends’ membership and we’ll keep you updated on our latest shows, discounted promotional tickets and a warm welcome whenever you visit us during one of rehearsals.

Being a friend really does have its benefits and when you’re ready to take a step up onto the stage, in one of our magnificent products, we’ll be ready to support you along the way with our adult memberships only being £70 a year -that’s less than £6 an month!

Interested? Then please complete our contact form so that we can get back to you. Three Towns Contact Form