Chair Chat – Sept 2014

Well they say time flies but I cant believe its more than a month since our AGM and our committee shuffle! I have been chatting to you all in my head for weeks now but I have finally gotten around to writing it down! So here’s a little Chairman’s Chat……….

Three Towns has been a huge part of my life for about 18 years now and I am honoured to be Chair once again. I am very proud of our company and the way we have survived for over 80 years and rather than waning, as so many companies do, we have been going from strength to strength in recent years. As society changes we have to change too and we are definitely moving with the times this year in bringing this brand new musical comedy – The Addams Family to Medway.

Putting on a show takes time, commitment and money! I wonder whether anyone who has never been involved in a company like ours would have any idea of what goes on behind the scenes ? I know that it wasn’t until I had been involved in a few shows and joined committee that I started to realise the full involvement myself. If you think about it, a West End show has a fully paid cast, crew and production team etc. working full time to put on a show; we have to do much of the same, albeit on a smaller scale, but it is all done part time and we have to raise our own funds so hats off to us for producing such great work! However with all the effort that goes into getting the show onto the stage the next very important thing is our audience!!! I don’t know whether its something you have ever thought about but trends show our biggest ticket sales are from friends and family so it would be great if we could increase sales out further to general public. We have tried many different ways to advertise but we don’t have a PR company to help out so once again it falls to us and we were thinking that this time we could try a door to door leaflet drop? If you have any ideas please do let us know! In the mean time please get as many posters and flyers up as possible and keep pushing those tickets!

Gwinny x