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23rd August 2012

As we all sat down to the AGM meeting this year, there was an air of positivity I would say. Some members that had been working on other projects were present and so all in all it was a great combination of community decisions and catching up.

Firstly, we heard Carol Pemble’s closing speech, she served a busy year for Three Towns as Chairman of the committee; what with several performances and day appearances, there really have been a promising few fundraising events for the company. It is refreshing to know that although money is tight amongst us all at the moment, with changing times and bills to pay, we can all be unanimous in our opinions about the fact that Three Towns is a great way to share our social hobbies, which we all love so much. Being part of such a hard working, supportive group is so rewarding. This was shown in usual form with the AGM votes and discussion regarding the various raised points.

After a brilliantly diverse number of nominations for both the Frank Shaw and the Shirley Awards, everyone was delighted that the Shirley award was shared between Tony Harrold and Gwinny Loft and the Frank Shaw (now the ‘Shaw Award’) went to Louise Parrott. All highly deserved for such great performances and great commitment to the company.

The New Committee were elected as Chairman – Sam Rockett, Vice Chairman – Gwinny Loft, Secretary – Diane Martin, Treasurer – Jill Gosden and Committee Members; Louise Parrott, John Bishop, Jack Marshall, Victoria Pemble, Katy Leman and Becci Farley.
Heres to another successful and busy year with Three Towns Theatre Company.

16th May 2012

Here are some dates for your diaries…..our AGM is to be held on Tuesday July 31st, 8pm, at the Gillingham United Reformed Church Hall. Please make very effort to come and support us and vote in your new committee. Nominations for next years committee need to be in by July 3rd please, there is a sheet pinned on our notice board at weekly rehearsals. Please read Carol’s latest Chairman’s Chat for an insight into what is involved. It is also time once again to vote for our Annual Awards, there will be a box and forms available at rehearsals or you can use the voting email facility on this website. Please vote for your choices by the 17th July to enable us to get the trophies engraved.
We are also involved in the upcoming Dickens Celebrations on the 8th, 9th and 10th of June. On the Saturday evening we should be performing at the Holiday Inn, so if anyone wants to come and support us please contact them direct for tickets.

16th March 2012

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we have now booked our show for the Spring of 2013, we will be performing “Cinderella, The Musical” by Rodgers & Hammerstein. More info will appear on our website when it is available, so… this space!

25th January 2012

We are pleased to tell you all that we have booked our next show. In November this year we will be performing “Billy” and are now looking for a Production team. If you would like to be considered for the roles of Director, Musical Director or Choreographer please speak to one of our committee or contact us through this website as soon as possible.


14th December 2011

We are really sad to have to tell you all that Stella Shaw passed away earlier this week. Stella was our Life President and had been an active member for many years both on the committee as Chairman and on the stage in many different roles. We will all miss her very much.

18th October 2011

Pictures from our recent production “Down at the old Bull and Brook” are now available.

14th October 2011

Even before our production of “South Pacific” takes to the stage, we are planning for next year. We will be performing “Annie” in March 2012 and will be auditioning for the part of Annie and for all the orphans early in November.  If there is anything else you would like to know please just ask and we will do our best to help.

30th September 2011

Due to our ever changing membership we have found ourselves in the sad position of having to cancel the show we were due to stage next spring – “The Hot Mikado” because it was looking like we would be unable to cast it. However, we now have the exciting news of announcing that we will be performing “Annie” instead……. Watch this website for further details.

11th August 2011

By now you will almost certainly have noticed that the Guestbooks have not been working properly recently. In the past we have used a free service to host the books for us – but they have, inexplicably, turned our account off which is preventing the creation of new messages.

There is little that can be done – it was a free service after all – so we have a new guestbook now available for you to use. This is hosted on our web server and we have complete control over it, so this situation shouldn’t reoccur.

The bad news is that we cannot transfer all the old messages into the new system.

As with anything new it has been tested, but there is nothing quite like lots of people trying it out and seeing if they can break it – so if you see something amiss please do let us know!

30th July 2011

A few days ago we had our AGM, held at a new venue this year and that changed the weather as well… is normally very hot but this year was exactly the opposite! The meeting was well attended and after the normal reports the members present were given details of four shows we are looking at for October 2012 and then they had the chance to vote for their choice – watch this website for the outcome. After making no one a Life Member last year we had three nominations for this year and they were all carried unanimously, so very big congratulations to Debbie Harrold, Gwinny Loft and Paul Smith. Then came the results of our own “Oscars”…..the Frank Shaw award was shared this year between Sam Rockett and Debbie Harrold and the Shirley went to Tony Harrold for his role in “Fiddler on the Roof”…..well done to all three of you.

Towards the end of the meeting the new committee was appointed and they are Chairman – Carol Pemble, Vice Chairman – Gwinny Loft, Secretary – Sam Rockett, Treasurer – Jill Gosden and Committee Members – Hayley Firmin, Antonia Luxford, Diane Martin, Louise Parrott, Chloe Pemble and Victoria Pemble… may contact any of us for help with anything.

18th July 2011

We will be performing “South Pacific” at the Brook Theatre in October and are holding open auditions for the parts of Cable, Henry and general mens chorus on August 4th at 8.30pm at the Gillingham United Reformed Church Hall. If you are interested please contact us through our website or by emailing our Director.

21st June 2011

We will soon be looking for two children to perform in “South Pacific” with us in October.

June 6th 2011

Some more times and dates for your diaries. Firstly…..our AGM will be at the normal time of 8pm, see below for venue etc. Now for some more fundraising events! On Sunday August 14th we are going to hold a Treasure Hunt, you will still need your cars but bearing in mind the high petrol prices this year, you will not be going as far as normal so will also need comfortable footwear for walking! More details about that soon. The next date to keep free is Friday 30th September – 8pm – we are going to have a 50’s/60’s/70’s disco at Upchurch Hall… will be £4 each and it will be a “bring your own drink and nibbles” evening. Please do try to support your committee in the fundraising they are arranging and if any of you have any more good ideas, please do email in and suggest them!

May 21st 2011

SOME DATES FOR YOUR DIARIES……Our AGM will be on 26th July and for the first time we are going to hold it at the Gillingham United Reformed Church Hall. Please make every effort to keep this date free and come along and support your Company – starting time to be confirmed.

We will need volunteers for next years committee please. If you want to stand for any of the positions please get your name on the list asap, the closing date is June 23rd……you will need two people to nominate you…..either see one of this years committee at rehearsals or use our “contact us” form on this website. Meetings are held once a month, normally on the first Wednesday but committee members do have things to do in between!!

We also need your votes for the “Frank Shaw” award and the “Shirley”…..there will be a box for your votes at rehearsals and you can also vote by using the forms on the Members Only section. There is also an explanation of what the awards are for, to help you decide. The closing date for these is 12th July.

1st May 2011

In March 2012 we will be performing “The Hot Mikado” at the Brook Theatre, Chatham and we are starting to look for a production team. If you are interested in being involved please either contact us through our website or speak to a committee member. Thankyou.

7th March 2011

We have been invited to perform at this years Dickens Weekend – 3rd – 5th June. Below are the times we are booked for and the details of what we plan to do. Whether you are involved in the concert rehearsals at the moment or “resting” – if you would like to be involved in the weekend, please contact us through this website or talk to Paul at rehearsals.

10am – 10.30am – Melodrama
11am – 11.30am – Music Hall
1pm – 1.30pm – Melodrama
2pm – 2.30pm – Music Hall
3pm – 3.30pm – Melodrama
4pm – 4.30pm – Music Hall

Three Towns Theatre present Music Hall

Join the 3 Towners in the Victorian splendour of the Guildhall Museum for a extraordinary magnificent episode of Victorian Music Hall. Hear songs you will know such as “Daisy Bell”, “After the Ball” and “Where did you get that hat?” and others not so familiar. Be amazed by Professor Wainscotte-Kent’s feats of mind reading, all cunningly introduced by our Chairman Claude Raynham-Mark

Melodrama – Title  – The Final Curtain

Victorian Melodrama involving theatre artistes set backstage at the Music Hall and concerning just who gets Top Billing!

7th March 2011

We will be holding a Quiz Night on the 28th May at the Rafa Club in Chatham. It will start at 8pm and there will be tables of up to 8 people. The cost will be £3 per person……bring your own nibbles (but no drinks please – a bar is provided at the venue). Each table to provide one wrapped mystery raffle prize between them please. Please send us an email or speak to a committee member if you have any queries.

22nd February 2011

The Village Fate 2

One of our members wrote Three Towns another Murder Mystery ‘The Village Fate 2‘ which was performed a short while ago. A great evening was had by nearly 100 people and a lot of money was raised for both Demelza House and ourselves.

22nd February 2011

We were invited to provide some entertainment at the “Salute to the Forties” weekend last September at the Dockyard in Chatham. We got to know the people from The UK 1940’s Radio Station and they were good enough to record our live performance and play it on their radio station, for which we thank them.

31st January 2011

Fiddler on the Roof pictures are now available online.


1st December 2010

Just to let you all know tomorrows rehearsal is cancelled due to the snowy weather – all the latest updates will be posted on our message boards and our Facebook page – please email us if you have any questions or problems.

14th November 2010

We are currently looking for a Production Team for “South Pacific” which we will be performing at the Brook Theatre in October 2011. We will need a Director, Musical Director and a Choreographer…..if you are interested in any of these positions, please apply to the committee by the 31st December 2010. During January, you may be required to meet with the committee and give them an outline of your ideas.

4th November 2010

The Village Fate!

Earlier this year Three Towns performed their own Murder Mystery, with fights, intrigue, blackmail and death…. there are hilarious and dramatic happens at the Village Fate committee meeting!

Three Towns have been asked to perform The Village Fate again so watch this space for more information and come along for a great night out!!!

22nd October 2010

This month’s edition of out in house magazine “The Luvvie” is now available.

19th October 2010

The Gigglesworth Fortune

One of our members, Samantha Grace, wrote us a melodrama called “The Gigglesworth Fortune” which some of us performed in June at the Summer Dickens Festival in Rochester, Kent. The script will shortly be available to hire via this website if you are interested.

15th October 2010

We can now reveal the show we have booked to perform in March 2012…….everyone is really pleased that we have now got permission to stage “The Hot Mikado”. With the next three shows confirmed, Three Towns can look forward to some good times to come……watch this website for all the upcoming information.

11th October 2010

We’re on Facebook! You can find us here:

30th September 2010

We are very pleased to be able to announce that we have secured the rights to perform “South Pacific” in October 2011…..further details will follow soon, keep watching the website!

2nd September 2010

We are really pleased to announce that in April 2011 we will be performing a Music Hall Extravaganza  – “Down at the Old Bull and Brook” – further details to be published shortly – watch this space!!

2nd September 2010

A date for your diaries….Friday September 24th – Upchurch Hall – 7.30pm for 8pm – come and join us for a “Murder Mystery Evening”. Tables will be for 6 people and tickets are available from committee members at £3.00 per person. Please bring your own food and drink for “your table” and supply one mystery “gift wrapped” raffle prize to add to the fun!

2nd August 2010

A few days ago we had our AGM – another hot sticky evening but the meeting was well attended, thank you to everyone who came. Another first this year, during Carol’s speech we had a slide show of how she felt during her first year as Chairperson…..which was very entertaining!  After various discussions, some of our rules were amended to keep the rule book up to date with out current practice of performing shows at least twice a year, everyone will be provided with a new copy as soon as possible. We then gave the members at the meeting the chance to vote on their choice of show for October 2011…..4 shows were talked about and the votes then collected in……watch this website for announcements soon! The new committee was then installed…..once again, no voting was needed and they are as follows – Chairperson – Paul Smith, Vice Chairperson – Debbie Harrold, Secretary – Gwyneth Loft, Treasurer – Jill Gosden and committee members Germaine Cole, Diane Martin, Louise Parrott, Samantha Rockett, Graham Cooke and Andy Hollidge.

We had no nominations for Life Members this year, so the annual awards presentation followed. This was given a new approach as well this year, we announced all the nominations (seven in each category)showing their pictures on the screen before the winners were announced. The “Frank Shaw” Shield went to Carol Pemble and the “Shirley” was shared equally between Debbie Davies and Trevor Cleaves. In addition, a small “one-off” award was presented to Samantha Grace as a special thank you for writing us the “Gigglesworth Fortune” which we performed earlier this summer.  Congratulations to all of you and thanks to all the members who voted….we are getting more and more every year!

We now look forward to our next production of “Fiddler on the Roof” which is at the Brook Theatre at the end of October.

14th July 2010

We are looking to increase the number of Vice Presidents that Three Towns has at the moment, would you be interested?

What is a “V.P.” you may ask…….? The answer is someone who wants to support us without the commitment of performing on stage or attending our weekly rehearsals, although you would naturally be very welcome to come along to meet everyone. Ideal for a parent or partner of an existing member or even a boss or work colleague – because although you would pay the normal annual membership fee (currently £45), you would be entitled to 4 free tickets each year to our productions. So if you attend our shows anyway your support of us would actually cost you very little indeed and you would also be able to attend our social events throughout the year.

Please use the contact us form on this website if you are interested or have any questions.

30th June 2010

Our website has just been updated with the latest “Luvvie” and Carol’s last (for a while anyway!) “Chairman’s Chat”. It would be nice to have some more content to keep some of the sections more up to date…..can any member who has done something “away from the TTT” write about it for us? It needn’t be pages long – just a short article with maybe a photo or two would be great.

19th May 2010

This years AGM will be held on the 27th July at 8pm in the Conference Room at the Brook. Please do try and attend – it is your Company and any important decisions need to be made by as many of us as possible!

On a lighter note we also present the two annual awards at our AGM. You can place your votes now, either at rehearsals for our next production – “Fiddler on the Roof” or via this website in the Members Only section. If you are not sure what you are voting for, there are written explanations to help you and if you need the password, please use the contact us form and someone will respond as soon as possible. Hope to see you on the 27th!

14th April 2010

We will soon be starting our rehearsals for our October production of “Fiddler on the Roof”. Please see our “Coming Soon” page for all the up to date information we have. However, if there is anything else you would like to know, you may use our contact us form and we will reply as soon as possible.

24th March 2010

Beauty & The Beast pictures now available online!

19th March 2010

Well, another show has been and gone, the audiences just loved Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, we had a full house on the Saturday afternoon and the company had a pretty good time as well! Some photos will be posted soon and anyone who didn’t get to the theatre will be able to see some of the
wonderful costumes we had. Congratulations to the Production team and everyone involved both on and off the stage who all worked very hard to achieve this.

On now to the next production……”Fiddler on the Roof” will be on at the Brook Theatre in October and rehearsals will begin in May. In the meantime, we are going to run weekly acting / singing workshops and everyone is welcome. There will be a small weekly charge to help pay for the facilities and hot and cold drinks are available to purchase. Further details can be obtained by using the contact us form.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back…….current members, old members and in particular any new members who decide to join us. We hope you have fun!


14th December 2009

Although we have only just started rehearsals for “Beauty and the Beast” we are looking ahead to later in 2010 when we will be producing “Fiddler on the Roof” and are currently looking for a Production Team. If you are interested in any of the main positions……..Director, Musical Director or Choreographer, then please contact one of the Three Towns committee as soon as possible.

2nd November 2009

The photographs from our production of “Sweeney Todd” are now available to view. A very big thank you to Lisa who took the photos for us this time.

10th October 2009

With ‘Sweeney Todd’ about to hit The Brook Theatre’s stage I am very excited to be able to tell you we are going to start rehearsing for our production of Disney’s ‘Beauty & the Beast’ on Tuesday 3rd November.

We would love to see any past and current members at the first meeting to share our plans for the ‘premiere amateur performance’ in the local area. Equally we would like to invite any prospective new members to come along and hopefully join and be involved with this fantastical new show.

So put a note in your diaries for Tuesday 3rd November 2009 8.00pm at Gillingham United Reform Church, Balmoral Road, Gillingham.

26th August 2009

There is a new edition of Chairman’s Chat over on the Member’s Only section…..if you need the password, just send a request through the website and it will be sent to you asap!

31st July 2009

We held our AGM last Tuesday and had a very good attendance……thank you everyone for coming. During the Chairperson’s speech this year a slide show of pictures of the various events and rehearsals we have participated in during the past year were shown – and it certainly bought back memories and raised a few laughs! The new committee was installed – no voting was needed this year – they are Chairperson – Carol Pemble, Vice Chairperson – Gwinny Loft, Secretary – Diane Martin, Treasurer – Jill Gosden and committee members – Debbie Davies, Debbie Harrold, Louise Parrott, Samantha Rocket, John Bishop and Andy Hollidge. The AGM was particularly quiet this year, not a lot was said by the members……I guess you all must all be happy!!

There were no new life members to appoint this year, so we moved swiftly on to our award presentation. The “Frank Shaw” went to Gwinny Loft and the “Shirley” to Sharon Hunt for her role in “Bugsy Malone”. Congratulations to you both and thanks to everyone who voted this year. We are now looking forward to the three great shows that we have planned for the future  – “Sweeney Todd” in October 2009, Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” in March 2010 and “Fiddler on the Roof” in October 2010.

1st July 2009

This years AGM will be held on the 28th July at 8pm in the Conference Room at the Brook, Chatham. Please do try and attend and support your company. The yearly mailing will be in the post shortly, please cast your votes for our own version of the “Oscars”……the “Frank Shaw Shield” and the “Shirley”……voting papers will be included and are also available at rehearsals or on the Member’s Only section of our website. There are also explanations of what the awards are for, if you are not sure. Looking forward to seeing you all there……

12th June 2009

We are really pleased to be able to announce that we will be one of the first amateur companies to be performing Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” early next year. It is being released for amateur productions from the 1st of February and we will be producing it during the second week of March at the Brook Theatre. We are now looking for a production team and if you are interested, please apply in writing to the committee before the closing date of 10th July.


This amateur production is presented by permission of JOSEF WEINBERGER LIMITED on behalf of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of New York. Music by Alan Menken. Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Tim Rice. Book by Linda Woolverton. Directed on Broadway by Robert Jess Roth.

19th May 2009

Although we are not halfway through 2009 yet, the committee is making plans for 2010 and beyond. We are really pleased to be able to announce that our show for the autumn of 2010 will be “Fiddler on the Roof” which will be in the October at the Brook Theatre. As soon as we get confirmation of our choice of show for the Spring it will be announced here….watch this space!

9th May 2009

Katie Lee

In her first ever performance on stage, one of the songs Katie sang was in our production of “Blitz” when the children were evacuated – “We’re going to the Country”.

Well, Katie didn’t go to the country but made her way to the London stage. After having performed very well in “Les Mis” as young Cossette, she auditioned for a part as one of the ballet dancers in “Billy Elliot”….and was successful!

For the first few months, Katie was one of the smaller girls in the dance school named Alison Summers but now has a bigger speaking / singing part in the show, playing Keeley Gibson. Some of us from Three Towns went to see her perform a couple of Saturday’s ago and once again would like to say “well done” Katie…..we thoroughly enjoyed watching you. It is nice to know that with hard work and dedication, Katie is succeeding in her ambition.

14th April 2009

We have been invited by Medway Council to take part in this year’s Dickens Festival at the end of May. We will be performing a comic Victorian Melodrama called “The Black Widow” on the Friday and Sunday. Please come along and support us on what will hopefully be a great weekend!

24th February 2009

On Friday 6th March we will be holding a fund raising “Music and Munchies” Quiz Night at Upchurch Village Hall, 8pm start. The cost will be £5 per person, with tables of 6 or 8 people and wine and nibbles will be provided on each table. There will also be a raffle through the evening and any prize donations will be gratefully received! There is ample parking at the Village Hall and if you would like tickets, please contact us through this website or call Gwinny Loft on 01634 360392.

20th February 2009

We are currently in the process of casting our forthcoming production of “Sweeney Todd” which is due to be staged at the Brook Theatre at the end of October 2009. We will be holding open auditions on Monday 16th March for some strong Chorus singers and three Principal parts. These are Johanna (top soprano, playing age 15/18 years), Tobias (playing age 15/18 years) and Anthony (playing age mid 20’s/mid30’s). Anyone wishing to audition needs to be over the age of 15 years and can get further information by speaking to Gwinny Loft on 01634 360392 or by emailing us through this website. All applications for these auditions need to be made by Monday 9th March please.

12th January 2009

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the tickets for “Sullivan to Sondheim” are now on sale. Only three performances of this show…….so get your tickets booked asap to avoid being disappointed!


29th December 2008

Latest edition of “The Luvvie” now available online.

23rd December 2008

Well, another great year is almost at an end and there is little left to say apart from a hearty dose of good wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you all from the members of the TTT Committee. Many thanks to everyone for all your hard work this past year and here’s to 2009!

11th December 2008

Although we are still rehearsing for our “Sullivan to Sondheim” concert next April, plans are going ahead for our production of “Sweeney Todd” later in 2009. The first meeting for this will be on Tuesday, January 6th and if you are interested in joining us, please contact us through this website and you will be given more details. To be in this production you will be need to be at least 15 years of age and be willing to commit to a longer than normal rehearsal schedule.

25th November 2008

Bugsy Malone pictures now available online.

10th September 2008

The Three Towns celebrated reaching their 80th year by holding a party in June. You can read a report by Jo and see pictures by Lisa by clicking here. Thank you both of you for your help. Jo has also written us a report on the recent Car Treasure Hunt which can be found in the fundraising section of the Members only area.

12th August 2008

After the great success of the workshops on Tuesday evenings, on the 19th August at 8.30pm, at Aburound in Woodlands Road there is going to be a “Workshop Performance”. Tickets are £1 each, refreshments will be available and “the piggy” is always hungry – so please help fatten him up!!! There will be exerts from “Blithe Spirit”, “Me and My Girl” and other shows and also a whole company tap routine. A very BIG thank you must go to Carol, Sam and Jo for all their hard work.

12th August 2008

We have extended the deadline for applications for the Production Team for “Sweeney Todd” (October 2009) until the 1st September. If you are interested in any of the positions, please either contact us through this website or speak to a committee member.

31st July 2008

The AGM last night was very well attended. Some lively discussion, mainly about advertising our Company and fund raising took place and after various reports the new committee was voted in. So, in for 2008 / 2009 – Gwinny Loft is our Chairperson, Carol Pemble is Vice Chairperson, Debbie Davies is Secretary, Jill Gosden is Treasurer and the General Committee Members are Diane Martin, Louise Parrott, Samantha Rockett, John Bishop, Jack Marshall and Paul Smith.

Jack Marshall has been made a Life Member, voted for unanimously……so congratulations Jack, very well deserved after so many years. Then came our annual awards –  the Three Towns version of the “Oscars”!! The “Frank Shaw Shield” was shared again this year with Carol Pemble and Debbie Harrold getting equal votes. Our “Shirley” went to Gwinny Loft for her role in “Blitz”…….Well done to all three of you!

17th July 2008

You may have heard vicious and cut throat rumours of the Three Towns not doing Sweeney Todd. Well, that’s not even a close shave to the truth! We are certainly producing the show next year. However, because of the complexity of the show the committee has decided to move the production to October 2009. This will give the Company the maximum time to  create a blood curdling show! See our “Coming Soon” page for the other details of 2009……

7th July 2008

Just a gentle reminder that our AGM this year is on Tuesday the 29th July at the Brook in the Conference Room, starting at 8pm sharp! Please do try to be there……….you should have all had your mailing by now, with voting forms, accounts and so on……….please make an effort to vote for our yearly awards, you can easily do so by using the members section of this website. If you need to know the password, just use the form on the site and it will be emailed to you within a day or so. Looking forward to seeing you all there……..

9th June 2008

After the new committee have been appointed at the AGM (date to follow), one of their first tasks will be to choose a production team for “Sweeney Todd” (March 2009). If you are interested in applying for any of the positions, please contact one of the present committee, either at a rehearsal or by email through this website.

15th May 2008

As you will have seen from other areas of our website, the Three Towns celebrate their 80th Birthday this year. We are having a party on Friday, June the 27th at 8pm to be held at the Brook in Chatham. It will be a free evening (with some fundraising – so bring your money!!!) and will be by invitation only. Current members already have their invites and they will be going out to old members shortly. If you do not receive one, it will be because we don’t have your up to date details and we would ask you to contact us through this website. A buffet and music will be provided and the bar will be open. Hopefully we will all have a fun evening!

3rd April 2008

Recently, some of the cast of “Calamity Jane” visited “Laredo” and got some very good photos for us to use for publicity. Members can see these on the “Away from the TTT” section along with Jack’s write up of the visit.

25th February 2008

The Three Towns committee are always trying to secure good shows for the company to produce and we are very, very pleased to be able to announce that our show for Spring 2009 will be “Sweeney Todd”.

The next eighteen months or so should be very exciting for everyone in the company as we have three good musicals in the pipeline!

18th February 2008

Katie Lee

In April 2001 a little girl appeared in our production of “Blitz” at the Central Theatre. I think she was four at the time, but she took to the stage like a “duck to water”. This was the beginning of Katie’s love of performing and she has appeared in a few of our other productions with us over the years. For the last six months, she has been appearing as young Cossette at the Queens Theatre, London in “Les Miserables“. This run has just come to an end, but before it finished quite a few members of the Three Towns managed to see one of her performances. I was lucky enough to go and we would all like to say ” Congratulations and Very Well Done” to you Katie……….you were superb!

Jill Gosden – February 2008

16th January 2008

If you are interested in any of the Production Team positions for “Bugsy Malone” (October 2008), the closing date to contact the committee is the 31st January. We will then be able to make a decision at the next meeting.


24th December 2007

From all of us on the TTT committee – in the famous words of the song – “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

Huge thanks go to everyone involved with the Company, whatever you do to help. Without your tireless effort we simply would not be able to function.

Here’s to an even better 2008!

17th December 2007

Now that everything is underway for “Calamity Jane” the TTT Committee are starting to plan for “Bugsy Malone” (October 2008). We are looking for a full Production Team and if you are interested in any of the positions please write,email or speak to a Committee member.

6th December 2007

Our auditions for the main parts in “Calamity Jane” will take place on Tuesday 18th December. If you wish to audition and cannot make that date due to all the Christmas festivities, please speak to a committee member and we will do our best to arrange another time for you.

30th November 2007

The Three Towns Committee invited Olga Larraman to come and see our production of “Blitz” last week. Olga is one of the South East Noda Representatives and she has sent us a review, which you can read by clicking here.

24th November 2007

Our latest show “Blitzes” all expectations!

Our 2007 production of Blitz has been a huge success – playing to a sold out Brook Theatre. Well done to everyone involved – your hard work and dedication has really paid off!

10th November 2007

Well, “Blitz”  rehearsals are coming to an end and in ten days time we will be into “show week”……….


If not, there is still time to get them from the Brook Theatre Box Office by calling 01634 338338. This year as soon as one show finishes, we are going straight into the rehearsals for another! If you would like to join us for “Calamity Jane” (April 2008), now is the time to let us know,  either through “contact us” on this website or by speaking to one of us at the Theatre when “Blitz” is on.  New members (especially men) are always very welcome.

29th October 2007

October’s edition of The Luvvie is now available online.

6th October 2007

In September we were invited to a “1940’s Weekend” at Chatham Dockyard to advertise our forthcoming production of “Blitz”. Here you can read a report by Joanne and see some of the pictures taken by Louise.

28th September 2007

Next Friday, the 5th October, we will be holding a Barn Dance at Upchurch Village Hall, from 8pm until 11pm. The cost is £5 per ticket and they can be ordered from any committee member, in person at rehearsals or by phone for collection on the night. Nibbles will be provided but please bring your own drinks. This is not just for members – you can bring your family and friends – for what will be a fun evening! Ask anyone who came to the one we held last year!!

13th September 2007

Keeping up with our recent plans of producing two shows a year, we are really very pleased to be able to announce that in October 2008 we will be performing the adult version of “Bugsy Malone”……….watch this space for all the news on this show and also April’s “Calamity Jane”

16th August 2007

We are now looking for a Production Team for “Calamity Jane” which we will be performing at the Brook Theatre in April 2008. Rehearsals will begin very soon after the end of “Blitz” and if you are interested in Directing, Musical Directing or Choreographing the show, please either speak to a committee member or contact us through this website.

3rd August 2007

The 06/07 Committee would like to add their congratulations to Jill Gosden for becoming our latest Life Member.  A well deserved award and the best way we could think of showing our appreciation for all her hard work!

(this piece of news written by Joanne Youdan)

3rd August 2007

This year’s AGM was probably the shortest I can ever remember! We were able to report a very good year, having made profits on both shows and have welcomed some new members throughout – although we could do with some more men in our current production of “Blitz”!!

The new committee were voted in and are as follows: Chairperson – Debbie Harrold, Vice Chairperson – Paul Smith, Secretary – Joanne Youdan, Treasurer – Jill Gosden and general committee members Dawn Fairclough, Debbie Davies, Diane Martin, Carol Pemble, John Bishop and Bill Clynshaw.

Then came the presentation of the yearly awards. This year the “Frank Shaw” trophy was given to two members with equal votes. Congratulations go to Jo Youdan and Gwinny Loft – both very well deserved. “The Shirley” for 2006/07 was awarded to Carol Pemble – congratulations Carol on your performance in “Stepping Out”.

14th July 2007

The voting deadline for this years “Frank Shaw” and “Shirley” awards has been extended by a few days. You can now make your choices up to and including Thursday 19th July.

If you haven’t already, please do use your vote and then come along to our AGM on July 31st (7.30pm at the Brook, Chatham) and see the awards presented.

30th June 2007

We are very pleased to be able to announce that our show for early April 2008 will be “Calamity Jane”. This is a brilliant, lively musical that we haven’t produced for quite a while, so it will make a very good start to our 80th year celebrations.

26th June 2007

The rehearsals for “Blitz” are now well underway, but the auditions for the children still have to take place. These will be held next Sunday, July 1st at the Brook Theatre in Chatham and if any children aged between 5 and 14 years of age are interested you can contact Gwinny for further information (if you need her phone number please contact us through this website and we will pass the message on).

14th May 2007

This year’s AGM will be held on Tuesday 31st July at 7.30pm at the Brook in Chatham. Please keep this evening free and come and support your Company and vote for next years committee.

8th May 2007

The main adult auditions for “Blitz” will be held on Thursday 7th June at the Gillingham United Reformed Church Hall in Balmoral Road at 8pm. After a brilliant “turnout” last Thursday for the first meeting, we hope to see you ALL back this week and hope that you enjoyed yourselves.

The children’s auditions will be held on Sunday 1st July, in Chatham and letters will be going out soon to all the people who have shown an interest so far. There is still time to apply – just contact us through this website and we will get in touch with you.

22nd April 2007


We have had an unexpected change of venue for the first “Blitz” rehearsal on May 3rd, due to the local elections. We will now be meeting at the Brook (old Town Hall), Chatham at 8pm in the Meeting Room.

29th March 2007

The first rehearsal date for “Blitz” will be on Thursday 3rd May, at 8pm, at the United Reformed Church Hall in Balmoral Road, Gillingham. If you would like to join us for this production then either come along on the night or contact us through this website for more details.

10th March 2007

Thoroughly Modern Musicals pictures are now available online.

5th March 2007

Just to let you all know that by popular demand Carol and Chloe are going to carry on with the dance classes. These will start again straight after the concert, on Tuesday 13th March, 8pm at Aburound in Woodlands Road. The cost will still be £2 per session and refreshments will be on sale as usual.

13th February 2007

We are holding a “Nibbles and Nollidge” evening on Friday 23rd March at 8pm, at the Medway Cruising Club, at the Strand in Gillingham. This is a joint venture between the Three Towns and ROAR, another local amdram company that some of our members belong to. Tables will be of 6 – 8 people and tickets are £5 per person. Please see any committee member to book a ticket or reserve a table or you may contact us through this website.

8th February 2007

We have a second message board available! In addition to the members only message board we now have a publicly available one too.

3rd February 2007


Whilst we are still rehearsing for the March concert “Thoroughly Modern Musicals”…….(have you got your tickets yet?!)……..the Three Towns committee are busy looking ahead to this years main production. We will be performing “Blitz” in November and need some new members……..especially men…….as the show has a big cast. Rehearsals will start in early May and if you are interested please either phone 0870 774 3480 / 3481 or contact us via this website.

15th January 2007

Tickets are now on sale for our next production – “Thoroughly Modern Musicals”. This will be a collection of songs from some of the more modern shows, presented in the Three Towns own special way! It is only on for two performances, so don’t miss out – buy your tickets soon.


20th December 2006

3 more Stepping Out pictures added.

16th December 2006

Our Members Only area has been updated with a new message board feature. Here you can leave messages and have a gossip about pretty much anything (keep it clean!).

16th December 2006

Stepping Out pictures now available online.

14th December 2006

Debbie’s latest offering is now available online in the Chairman’s Chat section of our Members Only area. Enjoy!

13th December 2006

The committee of the Three Towns Theatre Company would like to wish all our members – past and present and everyone who has supported us in the past year, a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

8th December 2006

We are really pleased to be able to announce that our main production for 2007 is going to be Lionel Bart’s musical “Blitz”.

This will be on at the Brook Theatre from Wednesday November 21st until Saturday the 24th and more details will be announced as we have them. Watch this space!

7th December 2006

Full colour flier now available for Thoroughly Modern Musicals

23rd November 2006

While you are waiting for the pictures to go up on the site from Stepping Out you might like to read this article from Paul.

23rd October 2006

We are pleased to announce that our next production will be a concert to be held at the Brook Theatre in March 2007. Rehearsals will begin on Tuesday 7th November at Aburound – normal 8pm start. We look forward to seeing you all then.

If you haven’t got your tickets for “Stepping Out” yet – they are still on sale at the box office. Please come along and support your company – the cast and crew have been working extremely hard!

21st October 2006

Latest “Chairman’s Chat” is available online.

9th October 2006

The Three Towns Theatre Company would like to say a very big thank you to “Midnight Limos” who are sponsoring a competition in this Fridays Kent Messenger.

Would you like to win tickets to “Stepping Out” and be collected from your home by limousine and taken to the Brook Theatre? If so then just enter the competition in the paper – and who knows?! If you are not the lucky winner, you can still buy tickets and enjoy a very funny play at a local theatre.

To hire the Limo for your own special occasion please call 01634 409716.

8th September 2006


At our Barn Dance later this month and then at the Quiz in October we will be holding raffles and are asking for some prize donations please. You can give something by contacting any committee member, popping along to either of the weekly rehearsals or contacting us through this website. Any donations will be very gratefully received!

14th August 2006

Just a reminder of our fundraising dates (mainly for those of you who are not going to weekly rehearsals at the moment).

First up is a Treasure Hunt and BBQ on Sunday 3rd September, £5 per car (and a burger for the BBQ!). Then there is the Barn Dance on Friday 22nd September at 8pm at Upchurch Village Hall, £7 for adults and £4 for under 15’s – nibbles will be provided but please bring your own drinks. Finally, on Friday October 6th, we will be having another Quiz Night at the Plough and Checkers Pub, £2.50 per person, with up to six on a team.

Tickets are available for all three events from any committee member and we hope to see as many as possible of you at all three events!

11th August 2006

Tickets for our production of “Stepping Out” in November are now on sale – they are £9 each and are available by phoning 01634 581245 or the Theatre box office (01634 338338) for credit card sales.

4th August 2006

Stepping Out poster now available online.

28th July 2006

On July 25th – a very hot evening – we held our AGM. Considering the weather it was very well attended and it was really nice to see some of our new members. After the normal ” speeches, questions and answers” the new committee were appointed and are as follows;

Chairperson – Debbie Harrold
Vice Chairperson – Gwyneth Loft
Treasurer – Jill Gosden
Secretary – Joanne Youdan
Committee Members – Lisa Maplesden, Karen Martin, Carol Pemble, John Bishop, Bill Clynshaw and Paul Smith.

Company members had been voting over the last two weeks for the people they felt should receive our annual awards, and we had the presentation towards the end of the meeting. Debbie Harrold was presented with the “Frank Shaw” award and Bill Clynshaw was a clear winner of the “Shirley” for his performance in our recent production of “Anything Goes”. Congratulations to you both!

24th July 2006

Rehearsals for our November production of “Stepping Out” have started in earnest. Auditions were held a short while ago and were very successful – all the parts were cast, with both existing and new members taking parts – the panel had a very difficult choice and pass on to those who took part their thanks for your patience on the night and praise for such excellent performances. So far the rehearsals have been a great deal of fun with the cast even given homework – searching out their costumes and props! Being a play ‘with music’ it is a departure from our usual productions with an additional challenge of getting the dancers to look as if they can’t – at least until the finale. Paul Smith is our Director and Nikki Cagan is doing the choreography. Watch this space for details of ticket sales and put the dates in your diary now – this show is not one to miss!

16th July 2006

Barn Dance – Friday September 22nd at 8pm – Upchurch Village Hall

Since this has been arranged, we have had feedback from several members and also members relations, concerning the cost and the arranged buffet. Due to this, the ticket prices have been reduced to £7 for adults and £4 for under 15’s, but will now only include “nibbles” on the tables. Please contact any committee member to book your tickets.

6th July 2006

Due to a slight technical hitch – the mailing for the AGM has been delayed – you can now vote for the annual awards up to and including Wednesday 19th July. Voting can be by mail, at rehearsals or via this website on the Members Only section. However you do it – please use your vote!

6th July 2006

Latest edition of “The Luvvie” now available online.

3rd July 2006

As part of our fundraising events, we are going to hold a Treasure Hunt on Sunday 3rd September. The cost will be £5 per car and further details will appear here nearer the time. So – watch this space!

Prices have also been agreed for the Barn Dance later the same month – Adult tickets will be £10 and under 15’s will be £5, these prices will include a buffet through the evening. Tickets will be available soon from any committee member.

27th June 2006

We are holding a Quiz Night on July 7th at the Plough and Checkers at 8pm. The Pub is on Danes Hill, just off the Lower Rainham Road, between Woodlands Road and the A289. Come and join the fun – the cost is only £2.50 per person, with up to six on a team. Please come and support this event in our summer of fundraising – all profits will go to the Three Towns Theatre Company.

27th June 2006

Annual award voting now available online – see the Members Only section.

All members of the Three Towns Theatre Company may now vote online if they wish, to choose who will get the “Frank Shaw” and the “Shirley” awards this year. Voting papers will still come out with the AGM mailing, if you prefer to use the postal service. Please use your vote – however you decide to send it.

8th June 2006

Anything Goes show pictures now available online.

7th June 2006

When the mail-out is done for the AGM members will find voting forms included for our two annual awards – “The Shirley” and “The Frank Shaw Award”. You will find some background information on both of these on the Members Only section (under “membership information”).

When you have decided who you would like to nominate, you may do so through the post, at rehearsals for “Stepping Out” or (soon) via this website.

7th June 2006

Another date for your diaries!

As part of our “summer of fundraising” we are arranging a Barn Dance. It will be on Friday 22nd September at Upchurch Village Hall and tickets will be on sale soon. You will be able to buy these from any committee member – prices and times to follow.

It should be a really good evening – as anyone who went to Gwinny’s birthday celebrations will tell you!

5th June 2006

There is a new edition of “Chairman’s Chat” available online – current members of the Company can log in to the Members Only section to read Debbie’s latest musings.

4th June 2006

The password for the Members Only section has been changed. If you are a current member of the company please drop Jill an email and she will let you know what the new password is.

4th June 2006

A Date for your Diaries

This year’s AGM has been arranged. It will be held on Tuesday July 25th at 7.30pm in the Conference Room at the Brook in Chatham. Letters will be sent out at the end of June to all members but please keep the date free and come and vote for next year’s committee and hear who has won the two annual awards.

10th May 2006

A new Members Only section has been added – “Casting Call”. We have been contacted by a television production company who are looking for people to take part in a new show which has been commissioned by ITV.

9th May 2006

Anything Goes rehearsal pictures now available online.

1st May 2006

The latest edition of the “Luvvie” is now available online.

25th April 2006

On Saturday 6th May we will be at the SavaCentre in Hempstead Valley doing a promotion for “Anything Goes”. Do come along, hear some of the great music and buy your tickets for the show while you are there!

31st March 2006

Members only area updated with a new “Chairman’s Chat” and rehearsal dates for April

30th March 2006

We are now looking for a Director and Choreographer for our forthcoming production of “Stepping Out” – see 28th February news. This production will be in November at The Brook Theatre in Chatham. Please contact us through this website if you are interested and we will give you more information.

25th March 2006

In our forthcoming production of “Anything Goes”, one of the main characters is Reno, who is a nightclub singer and has a backing group of “angels”.

These are no ordinary angels, with their short skirts and flirtatious ways – Reno and her “fallen angels” will entice any hot blooded male into religion – of sorts!! These angels are called Chastity, Purity, Charity and Virtue and in our programme for the show, you have the opportunity to “choose your angel and dedicate her cloud” for a minimum donation of £5.

Please see any committee member or contact us through this website if you are interested.

15th March 2006

Meet the newest member of the Three Towns Theatre Company! His name is Toto and he is a Cairn Terrier who will be appearing in our forthcoming production of “Anything Goes” in May.

10th March 2006

Anything Goes poster now available.

8th March 2006

We are beginning to think about content for the programme for our production of “Anything Goes” in May and once again have advertising space to sell. Prices have not changed and are as follows:- £10 for a small advert, £30 for a quarter A4 page, £40 for a half A4 page and £60 for a full A4 page . These are prices for black and white adverts – we can quote for colour adverts if required. Please contact us through this website as soon as possible if you are interested.

5th March 2006

New photos have been added to our site – 42nd Street (1995) and more pictures from A Slice Of Saturday Night (2002)

2nd March 2006

We have 19 scores and 2 scripts for sale for the musical “Half a Sixpence”. These are “as new” and the prices are £12 each for the scores and £5 each for the scripts, plus post and packing if they cannot be collected. Please either contact us through this website or phone 0870 774 3480.

1st March 2006

Anything Goes rehearsal dates updated.

1st March 2006

Chairman’s Chat added to our Members Only Area.

28th February 2006

We are very pleased to be able to announce that we have secured the licence to perform the play “Stepping Out” by Richard Harris. This will be in November 2006 at The Brook Theatre in Chatham. Please watch this website for more news.

15th February 2006

Members Only area updated with some pictures of extras work undertaken by some of our members.

11th February 2006

The owner of Vermilion Internet Services (our website sponsor, Mark Gosden) is running in the London Marathon on the 23rd April, on behalf of Brain Tumour UK – a very worthy cause indeed. If you would like to help him with some sponsorship, you can either donate online by clicking here (100% secure) or see Jill at rehearsals – she has the official forms.

7th February 2006

Sunday 29th January saw the Three Towns auditions for “Anything Goes”. We held open auditions and were very pleased with the turnout of people, both company members and new faces. The atmosphere was great as people started turning up and as the first person took to the floor and auditioned for the part of Reno, we knew we were in for a treat and she didn’t fail to impress the judges. Following this, the rest of the auditions were very strong, and some very amusing. The dancing for the title song looks spectacular, and although some of the men will try and play down their dancing skills, they can all move! We hope the enthusiasm shown on Sunday continues through rehearsals and into Show Week.

6th February 2006

“Anything Goes” ticket information announced

4th February 2006

The scheduled server maintenance has been successfully completed and things are back to normal.

29th January 2006

Our website will be unavailable all next weekend (4th & 5th February). This is due to essential maintenance work. Please note that this will also affect email services which will also be unavailable during this time. Apologies for the inconvenience!

26th January 2006

Members only area updated with rehearsal dates for Anything Goes (February only at the moment). Please check to see when you are supposed to be turning up!

14th January 2006

We will be holding open auditions for “Anything Goes” on Sunday 29th January in Upchurch Village Hall at 2.30pm. These will be mainly “workshop” type auditions and if you would like any more details please email us through this website.

7th January 2006

Photos from four more of our shows dating from 1984 – 1992 are now available on our “Previous Shows” section. It is really nice to know that people who were in “The Wizard of Oz” are still with us today and have just performed in our successful production of “Scrooge – the Musical“.

3rd January 2006

We have undergone a very minor facelift for 2006. If you find any problems with the reworked website please let the design team know.


30th December 2005

More news has been added on our upcoming production of “Anything Goes”.

20th December 2005

The Three Towns Committee would like to wish everyone connected with the Company a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year. Our first rehearsal for “Anything Goes” will be on Thursday 5th January (8pm) at the Gillingham United Reform Church Hall in Balmoral Road and we hope to see you all then!

18th December 2005

The Three Towns Theatre Company are now hiring out their large collection of props on a daily or weekly basis. A complete list will be posted on the website as soon as it is available. In the meantime you can email us with your requirements – if there is anything we may be able to help you with we will let you know.

15th December 2005

If you would like to support the Three Towns Theatre Company but don’t want to become an “active” member, why not become a Vice President? The cost is £35 a year, which would entitle you to a free ticket once a year, copies of our newsletter and to be involved with the Company as much or as little as you wanted to.

13th December 2005

Casting call!!

The Three Towns Theatre Company are beginning to plan for the upcoming production of “Anything Goes” (spring 2006). We are particularly looking for male cast members. If you are interested in auditioning for a part in our latest production please “Contact Us” for more details.

3rd December 2005

Scrooge pictures now online! Click on “Previous Shows“.

30th November 2005

With a dress rehearsal tonight and the full production starting tomorrow Stillwater Technologies send their best wishes to the cast and crew for a great set of performances!

28th November 2005

Tommy Steele is currently playing Ebenezer Scrooge in the West End production of “Scrooge – the Musical” at the London Palladium. On hearing that the Three Towns Theatre Company were also doing a production in December, he sent his best wishes to the cast and crew, along with a signed photo, so “Thank You Very Much” to Mr. Steele.

12th November 2005

We have now updated our History page with a link to a full list of our productions.

3rd November 2005

We are very pleased to be able to announce that our recent Wine and Wisdom evening was a great success. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and the committee would like to say a big “thank you” to you all for your support. We have now paid all the bills and can announce that we have made a profit for the company of £236.45.

2nd November 2005

We are beginning to put our programme together for “Scrooge – the Musical” and currently have some advertising space available to sell. The prices are £10 for a small advert, £30 for quarter A4 page,£40 for half A4 page and £60 for full A4 page. We would be very pleased to hear from anyone who is interested and you may contact us through this website or by calling 0870 7743480 before the 15th November.

28th October 2005

The final version of our “Scrooge – The Musical” poster is now available online.  Please feel free to download the poster and put it up in as many places as you can (and that you are allowed to!).

22nd October 2005

“Scrooge” rehearsal pictures now available online – click here for a selection

17th October 2005

Pictures from a selection of our more recent shows are now available online.

10th October 2005

The company are now able to offer our newsletter online.   Please note – the “props list” mentioned in the newsletter can be downloaded here.

8th October 2005

We are pleased to be able to announce the dates of our show for the Spring of 2006. We will be performing “Anything Goes” at the Central Theatre in Chatham during the week beginning 22nd May – this will be the first local production of the show since it’s recent successful West End run. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for further information please contact a committee member or email us and we will be in touch with you.

17th August 2005

The Three Towns Theatre Company are organising another Wine and Wisdom evening. It is to be held on Friday 21st October at Upchurch Village Hall with an 8pm start. We hope to have a raffle during the evening as well and any donations for prizes would be very welcome! Tickets are £5 per person with a maximum of eight people to a table.

Please contact any committee member to book your place or email.

8th August 2005

Our website sponsor has set us up with a new email address, to enable you to get in touch with us easily. This can be found on the “Contact Us” section of our new site – which is still being developed. If there is anything you would like featured or you have any ideas for fundraising, please mail us and we will be in touch with you.

27th July 2005

On 21st and 22nd July the Three Towns Theatre Company held open auditions for “Scrooge – the Musical”. Mainly adults on the Thursday and children on the Friday, but no-one was sent away whenever they turned up! Both evenings were very successful with some excellent auditions. We are pleased to say that all the main characters have been cast and rehearsals now start in earnest on Thursday evenings at the Gillingham United Reformed Church Hall in Balmoral Road. We are always looking for new members and whether you want to sing and act, look after the wardrobe or help with fundraising, you would be made very welcome. At the present time we are still looking for extra “chorus” members for “Scrooge – the Musical”. Please come along and join us on a Thursday evening at 8 o’clock.

20th July 2005

On Tuesday 19th July the Three Towns Theatre Company held their Annual General Meeting. Some lively discussion was followed by the appointment of the new committee, who are as follows:-

Chairperson – Debbie Harrold; Vice Chairperson – Gwyneth Loft; Treasurer – Jill Gosden; Secretary – Diane Martin

General Committee Members- Lisa Harding, Karen Martin, Carole Pemble, Stella Shaw and Joanne Youdan.

One of the nice aspects of this yearly meeting is the presentation of our annual awards. The “Frank Shaw” shield (for outstanding service during the year) went to Debbie Brennan and the “Shirley” (for outstanding performance during the year) went to Francine Harris. Congratulations to you both!