Props & Script Hire

Over the years we have bought, collected and made a large assortment of props and stage sets.  If you are performing one of the shows we have done in the past or something along those lines, then we may have props and sets that you could hire.

Small hand props are available at £2 per week per item, Larger items (e.g. furniture, coffin and gravestones) at £5 per week per item and we have a number of “flats” at £20 per week per flat. We also have a fog machine and a snow machine available at £25 per week each.

A returnable deposit, at least equal to the minimum £50 hire charge or total hire charge if greater than the minimum hire charge, would be required at the time of collection against loss or damage, preferably in the form of a cheque. The Hirer is responsible for the cost of the collection and return (or the carriage) of props and also for any damage to props whilst in their care (repair or replacement). The Hirer is responsible for any liability arising from the use of the props whilst they are in their care. Props will be hired by the week and hirers must state clearly the period of hire. Any items overdue for return will be charged for at full rate.

If you are interested in buying rights to use one of our cast written scripts, please complete our contact form so that we can find out how we might be able to help you.

Please contact us for more details.