Sunset Boulevard – Good Luck Auditionees

Sunset Boulevard at The Brook Theatre, Chatham, October 2015

In less than 24 hours, members of our company will be taking part in the Sunset Boulevard auditions.  They have spent the last few weeks in various workshops with Samantha Grace (Director) to help them connect with the characters and get the best out of their performance.  Rehearsals with Martyn Clements (Music Director) have sounded beautiful, powerful and emotional.

Samantha Grace has expanded the audition process by actually making the workshops and musical rehearsals part of the audition.  Having attending some of the rehearsals and watched the videos online, I can honestly say we have a very dedicated cast who will do pretty much anything to make an impact.

Well done to everyone for all your efforts during the last few weeks and I’m sure the audition panel will find it hard to decide who’s best for each character role.  So good luck to everyone who is auditioning for Sunset Boulevard and also to the audition panel.

We have had amazing reviews for our last production of Copacabana, and know you are going to love Sunset Boulevard at The Brook Theatre this October 2015.

Tickets will be on sale soon.  So please take advantage of our early bird offer where you can save money per ticket.  I’ll post a link to the online box office once tickets are available.